A Hundred Thousand Dreams (a poem)


I’ve a hundred thousand dreams, and just only one life to live.

Oh Lord, I need a life to spare, can you please give?

Is it only an extra life that you need, the kind Lord asked me

I beg for my love to share my life and live my dreams with me.


The Lord smiled and asked me to come sit by

Tell me your dreams, now don’t cry

What is it that you want to share with him?

Be happy and tell me, don’t look so grim


Oh! Where do I start, and what all do I tell??

I smiled at God, as the tears still fell

I want to be a part of his laughter and tears

Share his joys, his dreams, his hopes and his fears


I want to hold hands with him on the beach

Climb mountains so high where the stars I can reach

Cross the fields and watch the birds fly so high

Laugh and love under the wide open sky


Snuggled in his arms watch movies at night

Hear music and songs under a starry night

Talk to him a hundred million things

Give my thoughts and dreams wide wings


Hug him close after a long and hard day

I would love him so much, oh what can I say

Lord do you know, he would speak with his eyes

Have you seen him do that, it’s really so nice.


We would fight and be annoyed with one another

But then would love and make-up like no other

We would face the rough and smooth alike together

When we had each other, why look further?


I can listen to his silences for hours and days

For even in quiet there’s a lot he says

Oh Lord please give me just one more life to live

See Oh Lord… there’s so much I can give.


The Lord smiled at me as I wiped my eyes

Let me check my child whether I have extra lives

I will give you one to live your dreams through

And of course the one you love, so true


I laughed and hugged the Lord like a friend

What a great way for the day to end


Let me wait for the time when my dreams come true

Let me wait for the time I will live with you.


Shiny Kesavan




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