No Good? (a poem)

My heart is heavy, my eyes are tired

My thoughts are all totally mired

I am so fed-up and I feel so old

“You are no good”, I am so often told.


I threw my dreams, I dumped my plans

I lost it all like in a clap of hands

“It’s all worth it”, oh! I was so wrong

“You are no good”, I am tired of this song.


I was beaten and pushed, stamped and spat on

Below their feet is my place I was shown

Threatened and hurt, I was their whipped dog

“You are no good”, my eyes cloud in a fog.


I want to throw it all out and just walk away

Turn back time and never come this way

Today I stand beaten, tired and down

“You are no good”, is the only caption I own.


I go on my knees and pray to the Lord

Grant me peace and courage and strength to hoard

Please give me the guts to stand up and say

“I am damn good in every way!”

  • Shiny Kesavan






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