Every shade of love…all around me.

Today, I went looking for love. I thought I will have to seek for it… like a miner looking for gold, peering closely at every grain of life that passes by me.

But I was wrong.

My mind was in fact so wrapped around all that was negative, that I had failed to see that there was so much love… every shade of love… all around me.

In those moments at night, when the lights are off, and my little girl (who is perfectly wild at me.. for what.. we both don’t remember) snuggles close, her warm body pressed to me, and tells me – “Mummy.. I love you”.

In the hot cup of tea and food that my Mom quietly places in front of my grumpy face..as I sit there stewing, thinking about my shitty day at office.

In the attentiveness , as my Dad checks my medicine box to make sure my iron capsule bottle is not empty, and the mosquito repellent is switched on.

In the hearty shouts with which the little boys of my building greet me, as I enter the gate.

In the smile and greeting that the security guard gives me every morning, as I enter my office dreading the day ahead.

In the halting words of the old lady across the street, who insists on talking to me, though neither of us do understand each others’ language.

In the toothless grin of the little girl I saw on top of the tree in the park today, when alarmed, I signed her to come down…

In so many nameless moments, shared by so many passing nameless faces, leaving behind a little goodness, a little love.

And why was I picking up and saving every hurt and every rejection in my jar of memories?   Leaving no space for the little acts of love all around me?  Today, as I let this love seep through me, I feel so calm, and so much at peace… and so much in love, with the world and with myself.


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