“Forrest Gump” – and the definition of love

There was a time when “Forrest Gump” was my favorite movie of all times. (It still has my favorite scene of all times)

I was a die-hard romantic then. It was a time when I believed in “true love”. I thought that there were men out there who would actually care for you and love you, no matter what..and I believed in a love that lasted forever.

I loved the way Forrest adored Jenny, loved her through all the downs (I don’t think they had any ups together), and his love for her- solid, enduring, non-judgmental and unadulterated by anything and anyone.

I loved it all, till one day, it suddenly dawned on me that Forrest loved Jenny the way he did – because Forrest was not “normal”.

Forrest did not think like a normal adult man.

Forrest thought and loved – like a “child”.

And that’s why his love was the way it was – non-judgmental, constant and completely free of bias. Pure and pristine – as a child’s love.

Normal men cannot love like him, after all. Their love is more a weighing in, a judgement and decision on the basis of what they’re gaining vs what they’re giving. Heart and emotions have very little role to play in their decisions. Falling in love could be an impulse, staying in love and committing to it is more a business judgement. Nothing much clouds their rational mind, as they weigh their options without emotion and decide if they are gaining financially, socially and egoistically from the match. And when they decide it is not, they have no trouble in falling out of love – with ease, without heartache, without pain. And they move on – like it never happened.

Today, I am a cynic and I no longer crush on anything romantic.

I still love to watch Forrest Gump, whenever it plays on TV…and tear up over my favorite scene ( where he first meets his son and is overwhelmed that “he” has a son and is then scared if his son has taken after him).

While before I would say “It is so nice to be loved like that..”, now I know better.

I know that being blessed with love like that of a child is more precious than being loved by any man on earth. Believe me..I know it first-hand..And I thank God every day for my little girl and the pure love she showers me with.



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