And I set you free.. (poem)

Look into my eyes and try to read my heart

You’ll know you were wrong right from the start

Give ear to my feelings not the words that I say

You’ll know I would not harm in any way.


Why is it that you push me away so?

What did I do wrong I really want to know.

The hurt that I feel seeps through me

Why is it that my love you just cannot see?


I place no demands, no rules, and no commands

To have you in my life is my only reward.

My dreams are dead and my desires smothered

There’s just a little bit of soul that’s not yet withered.


Don’t judge me by the rules the world’s set by

There’s more to me that to know you’ll never try

Let me live, let me love, let me be

And please remember you are always free.

“Shiny Kesavan”



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