To the “esteemed” people on the panel sitting with an opinion on me

People who have absolutely no idea of how I really am, have an opinion on me, my capabilities, and my life.  Free with their words of wisdom and judgement, they spread “facts” about me far and wide, painting me in a picture that is so far from true.

No.. I don’t watch soap operas, I watch thrillers and nerdy comedies.

No.. I don’t read the gossip mags, I read books – from “Oh! Jerusalem” to David Baldacci’s latest.

No… I don’t listen to Hindi songs, I listen to a wide variety of music including Rap and Soft Metal.

No.. Curd rice is not my favorite, Maggi with boiled egg is.

No.. I am not an orthodox, conservative female, I am more liberated and accepting than you fake forward people..and no..nobody’s sexual orientation and preference matter to me… only their actions and behavior as a human.

No… I don’t gossip and no I don’t care if I am not a part of any clique or group and no I am not interested in knowing who is sleeping with whom.

No… I am not slow witted or dumb, I am a shy introvert who is intelligent, bright, extremely hard working, and with a dry sarcastic sense of humor which most of you, sitting on this opinion committee, can’t even grasp.

Yes, I am fine walking alone, yes I am fine with no friends. And no it’s not because I am arrogant, it is because I don’t have the energy or time for hypocrisy and fake friendships.

Yes…I am soft and kind, but no I am not a coward and a weakling. I am a brave single mom, who has lived a brave life and is living one every passing day.

No… I am not sexually frustrated looking to get laid. Don’t try to act as the concerned team mate with your condescending attitude and concerned advice, I can see through you. And Yes… I can curse like a banshee the choicest f words which you ogling creep would not have ever heard..

So, members of this highly “esteemed” opinion committee who have tagged and bagged me .. I have something to tell you..  please continue doing whatever you are doing… for in my universe, the likes of “you barely register, but even that’s one register too high”!!!


When life gives a second chance…

Life does not give everyone a second chance. A chance to make a fresh start, a new beginning. So, when you get that rare second stab at life, do not invest it again in the past.

Your today is not a continuation of your ruined yesterday. Your story now, is not the remnant of yesterday’s failures.

It is a fresh beginning, a new life. A brand new opportunity. Grab it, hold it and live it.

Breathe, imbibe, experience and live.. every moment – here, now!!

For this moment is all that is, and all that ever was.

A Happy New Beginning..